Remove Tattoo and PMU

At La Laser, we specialize in tattoo and permanent makeup removal using the cutting-edge ND Yag Laser Platina, ensuring a safe and swift treatment experience. While tattoos typically require an average of 10 laser sessions, permanent makeup removal often demands fewer treatments, leaving you with flawless, scar-free skin.

Why choose to have Tattoo and PMU Removal at La Laser?


For treatment

An intake interview will take place before the treatment. The client must take a number of precautions into account before the treatment.

After treatment

Tattoo And PMU Removal FAQ

Removing a tattoo usually involves some pain. Still, many say it hurts less than they expected.
Most clients describe the feeling as a rubber band snapping against the skin, it is uncomfortable but bearable.

The process of removing a tattoo is different for every person. In most cases, a tattoo disappears for 80% to 90%, but it also happens that a tattoo disappears for 100%. If tattoo removal is not 100% successful, it may be due to the location of the tattoo, but also to the color of the tattoo, some tattoo dyes cannot be removed (properly) and some pigments, for example, are too deep for the laser to achieve. Certain colors are easier to remove than others. Blue or black tattoos respond well to laser treatment because they are better at absorbing light.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, a treatment course of around 10 treatments is usually required, usually at intervals of 4-6 weeks. The number of treatments depends on a number of factors, such as:
● The amount of ink used
● The depth of the ink placed in the skin
● The type of ink used
● The location of the tattoo on the body
● The age of the tattoo
● The colors used

After treatment, the next step is a period of healing, as your skin must go through several stages of recovery before it can handle another treatment. Once the treatments are all completed, the skin will need to rest for a while before a new tattoo can be placed in the treated area. The first healing phase after laser treatment is called frosting because it turns the treated area white. It only takes a few minutes and is nothing to worry about. In addition, the tattoo site is usually somewhat swollen and red. One to a few days after the treatment, scabs and blisters may develop, but after a few days the skin will recover without scarring.

This depends on each person’s pain threshold, most clients say the pain is not too bad and describe the feeling as a rubber band snapping against the skin. When removing PMU, the Yag Laser Platinum goes less deeply than when removing a tattoo, making the treatment much less sensitive.

PMU removal at La Laser is completely safe. After the treatment, the skin needs a period of healing during which scabs may also form on the treated area, this is a normal reaction of the skin. It is important not to touch the scabs so that the skin can heal optimally and you can enjoy optimal results!

Depending on a few factors and how your body responds to the laser treatments, an estimate can be made of how many treatments you need. The number of treatments depends on a number of factors, such as:
● How faded the pigment is
● How deeply the pigment is applied
● What color the pigment is
On average, most require between 2-3 treatments, with significant fading after the 1st session . There are usually intervals of 4-6 weeks.

After treatment, the next step is a period of healing. In most cases, a scab will form on the treated area. It is important not to touch or pick the scab as you may damage the skin and contaminate the wound.