Remove Pigment Spots

The era of concealers and cover-ups is over. With just one treatment session, you can say goodbye to those pesky pigmentation spots. Our expert team evaluates your progress, ensures optimal results, and offers further treatment if necessary.

Why choose the Removal of Pigment Stains at La Laser?

Our treatments are safe, effective and efficient. Thanks to the precise and powerful laser beams, we can remove pigment spots.


Removing pigment spots FAQ

The removal of pigment spots is completely painless. Although some people say they feel a slight stinging sensation during the treatment. Most people feel good immediately afterwards.

When removing pigment spots, you usually see the result within 3-5 treatments. This depends on the type of hyperpigmentation and how deep the pigment is in your skin

Pigment spots can be caused by exposure to UV radiation, hormonal changes, hereditary determination, response to inflammation, after illness or medical treatments, aging of the skin or stress.

This is different for every person and depends on various factors. It is true that with laser treatment you only tackle the symptom (the pigment spot) and not the cause (the pigment cell that is active in your skin), so there is a good chance that
this pigment will become visible again over time.